Owen Sound City Council

City Hall - 808 2nd Avenue East - Council Chambers
No Closed Session
7:00 p.m. - Open Session - Council Chambers

Individuals may attend City Hall to watch the meeting or the meeting can be viewed live on Rogers Cable TV or the Rogers TV Website or the Council and Committee webpage. Individuals who are unable to ask a question in person must provide their questions a minimum of 24 hours prior to the meeting to the City Clerk.

There is no Closed Session.

There is no Closed Session.

  1. Mayor declares the Public Meeting open.
  2. Announcement by the Mayor.
  3. Public Meeting:
    1. Comments and notice from the City Clerk
    2. Presentation from the Manager of Planning and Heritage
    3. Presentation from the applicant, Ron Davidson of Ron Davidson Land Use Planning Consultant Inc.
    4. Comments from the public.
  4. Mayor declares the Public Meeting closed.

There are no correspondence items being presented for consideration.

  • Hawker and Peddler Licence issued to Travi Lynn Bridal Corporation for the Opportunity Bridal Pop Up Wedding Dress Sale on February 20, 2023 at the Best Western
  • True North Cannabis Company, a retail cannabis store located at 978 3rd Avenue East
  • Pwrfade Golf, a golf simulator and lounge located at 783 2nd Avenue East
  • Sunshine Diner, a restaurant located at 740 9th Avenue East
  • The Sweet Tooth, a home-based bakery located at 1877 6th Avenue East

There are no postponed matters.

There are no motions for which notice was previously given.



"A By-law to confirm the proceedings of the Regular Meeting of the Council of The Corporation of the City of Owen Sound held on the 30th day of January, 2023"

"A By-law to appoint or amend terms of office for members and establish Boards and Committees"

"A By-law to appoint Councillor Marion Koepke as the Alternate Member to Grey County Council"

"A By-law to provide for the control, regulation and management of Greenwood Cemetery"

"A By-law to authorize the Mayor and Clerk to execute an Amending Agreement with Todd Robins and Renee Robins respecting the provision of animal control services"

"A By-law to authorize the Mayor and Clerk to execute an agreement with His Majesty the King in Right of Canada, as represented by the Minister of Employment and Social Development, respecting the Enabling Accessibility Fund – Small Projects Component (Downtown River Precinct Phase II)"

"A By-law to authorize the Mayor and Clerk to execute an Enforcement Transfer Agreement with the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority, respecting the Source Protection Plan"